Monkey Tree

Monkey Tree

“Monkey Tree is a mix of Grease Monkey and Lemon Tree”



“pumps out an amped-up mix of classic “sativa” smells, with light jabs of lemon, burly notes of gas and a noticeable layer of chemical cleaner”

Monkey Tree is a mix of Grease Monkey and Lemon Tree, two relatively modern strains that are still easy to find in dispensaries. In fact, Monkey Tree still hasn’t fully stepped out of its parents’ shadows, and is only grown at a couple of cultivations in Colorado at the moment. As Washington’s weekend warriors smoke it on the slopes, however, Monkey Tree could stream into more stores.
Lemon Tree’s lineage (Lemon Skunk and Sour Diesel) and heady effects are respected and enjoyed across the country, while Grease Monkey is usually bred with other strains to increase trichome appeal and potency without overly impacting its partner’s flavor. The pairing worked out with Monkey Tree. The daytime-leaning strain has a denser bud structure than Lemon Tree without skimping on flavor, and the difference in highs is nominal.