Art Cannabis, The Movement

How can we use a multi-billion dollar cannabis industry to promote and support local artists?

Art Cannabis is not just a brand, but a system created in 2018 by long-time cannabis business partners and art fanatics. Washington State recreational cannabis sales reached $1.4B in 2002, collecting $515M in excise taxes going toward Basic Health, The General Fund, & local governments. Basically, us Washingtonians buy and smoke a ton of weed! 🙂

Because of the way that Washington has stuctured licenses, the local cannabis industry is one of the most competitive in the world! (something to do with farm-to-store ratios & horizontal integration) Anyways, farms compete with eachother not only by the quality of their products, but also by the diversity of their products, genetics, price, and through unique packaging and story-telling. Not all farms can weather the battle and unfortunately many move on to other projects.

With 70 million awesomely-packaged cannabis products sold each year in our state, the opportunity begins to develop:

“Dude.. let’s promote local artists by partnering with them to design the packaging for a new and ever-evolving cannabis brand!” We were silent at first.. quickly imagining how many artists we could find, meet, & uplift. We pictured a shelf-space in our local shop featuring some some of the brightest and most creative minds that we could find. With schools cutting art-budgets and galleries temporarily deemed ‘non-essential’, we envisioned a state-wide art gallery inside of the 450 licensed retail cannabis stores. Could we host live-paintings inside the stores to showcase the synergy of art and cannabis?

We got to work!

Since 2018 Art Cannabis has partnered with 18 artists, showcasing their work in over 40 stores with an estimated viewership of 24.5 million people. (We also love data) This level of viewership is the larger than any American art gallery or museum, second only to The Louvre in France.

But of course there’s a difference…

Art Cannabis isn’t a multi-billion dollar museum, we don’t own any originals, and we aren’t even a very big team. Not only can you find our partnering artists in your local shop, but on t-shirts, stickers, flyers, social medias, cannabis magazines, & events. Our focus is on uplifting the local artist while creating new and interactive cannabis shopping experiences. It’s become a culture that we invite you to be an integral part of. How dope is it to get high while giving back?

The relationship is deep and the content is vast.

Art you a PNW Artist? Join us!

Art Cannabis, The Farm

Build in 2016, our state-of-the-art facility was designed specifically for cannabis production and includes four interconnected buildings constructed in a rectangular shape around an outdoor courtyard. Each building contains over 2,000 sf of dedicated indoor cultivation or processing space. The facility is climate controlled, optimally ventilated and includes modern irrigation, timer and de-humidification systems, all synchronized via a WiFi monitoring system, thereby allowing us to grow consistently year-round. Lighting consists of a professionally-designed Gavita Pro 6 system strategically placed for optimal coverage and height. Indoor growing cycles are staggered to maintain quality and ensure fresh, regular production at a minimum of 4-5 harvests per building per year.

Because of our commitment to sustainable cultivation practices, Art Cannabis uses only certified organic and natural products, nutrients and sprays. Art Cannabis is pesticide-free. We create our own unique, scientifically tested “live” organic growing medium. Additional nutrients, including organic compost tea and worm castings among others, are mixed and recycled back into the soil. This growing medium is applied to both our indoor and outdoor plants. Our pest management process is strictly limited to OMRI-certified organic products used only during the vegetative growing phase (AzaMax, neem oil, sea kelp, Safer Soap and OxiDate 2.0). Between every indoor harvest, each building is thoroughly cleansed and Sterilized.

Art Cannabis is fortunate to be staffed with a great team, most of whom have been with us since our inception. Our lead grower, who tutored extensively under a master grower with over 25 years of industry experience, is meticulous with the time and care devoted to the plants during the growing cycle, while also carefully tending to the drying / curing process following each harvest. As we continually strive to improve product quality, yields and strain development, we periodically engage respected consultants to keep current with the latest growing trends. Our production department carefully inspects and hand trims all flower to ensure the individual quality of each bud and our product is carefully packaged at the time of your order for optimal display purposes. Finally, we pride ourselves on customer service by scheduling deliveries so that your order arrives as soon as needed.