Bahama Berry


Bahama Mama x Strawberry Jelly

We are currently looking for a PNW artist to partner with this strain! 🙂



“…boasts explosive strawberry terps packed into heavy resinous flowers.”

We present to you Bahama Berry, a cross between “Strawberry Jelly” an amazing sweet artificial strawberry flavored cut X Bahama Mama. This cross is for the Strawberry lovers and we will put this specific cut up against anyone’s strawberry cultivar. This cross crushed in, bringing vivd deep purple colors coated with thick candy shell like frost bearing a distinctive gritty sandy feel which may suggest a possible washer. her strongest quality is her over powering strawberry smell. The Bahama Berry boasts explosive strawberry terps packed into heavy resinous flowers ranging in color from Jurassic green, and purple hues, to jet black. Gardeners will find that this heavy producer has a moderate stretch in the first 4 weeks of flower.

Artist Needed

Is it you?

From oil on canvas, and graphic design, to photography, and makeup art. We are looking for Pacific Northwest artists who have a passion for their craft and looking for some kick-ass exposure. The Art Cannabis platform is designed to uplift and promote local artists. Placed on cannabis packaging your art is distributed to licensed stores all over to be purchased, consumed, and collected by thousands of Washington cannabis consumers. It’s like an ever-evolving art gallery that’s state-wide, and growing. Sumbit your art below for a chance to work with us at Art Cannabis. Our mom’s think we’re pretty dope people.

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