Mega Mind


Don Mega x Mind Flayer

“Bred by Solfire Gardens, a Pacific Northwest seed company where passion meets biology.”



“bittersweet, garlic and fuel, is nuanced with notes of coffee and fruit.”

Don Mega x Mind Flayer – Don Mega was created by Solfire Gardens through the crossing of GMO x Black Banana. This variety exhibits a very good stretch with a heavy yield, collecting lots of frost on the flowers. The chemical aroma, bittersweet, garlic and fuel, is nuanced with notes of coffee and fruit and in some cases sweet and earthy nuances; all depending on the dominant terpene.

Mind Flayer we also have Why U Gelly, but this time crossed with Double Tap which gives you a very early frost charge. This select strain from the bank brings the chem funk of the legendary GG4 and combines it with the frost and color of black bananas. The exclusivity of the bank’s own crossing and a very marked terpene nuance make it essential in any garden. Its peculiar aroma of bubble gum ice cream will not leave even the most experienced smoker.

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